heritage preservation: Atchafalaya National Heritage Area

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Simply put, National Heritage Areas tell America’s stories. From the great wars to border skirmishes, from slavery to civil rights, from industrial giants to agricultural lands — these stories shaped the course of the nation. National Heritage Areas are connecting communities to these stories every day. Here are some of the ways that we preserve, protect and promote this nation’s heritage and legacy.

Artisans of the Atchafalaya

Atchafalaya NHA celebrated Atchafalaya Month and its 10th anniversary by highlighting local cultural economic development with the unveiling of five short videos showcasing artisans who live and work in the heritage area. Each artisan’s work is inspired by the natural...

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Hike Through History in Freedom’s Frontier

In 2016, Freedom’s Frontier, partnered with a local consultant, Sunflower Republic, LLC, to pilot two interpretive signage projects on area trails. Both undertakings feature a series of well-designed and engagingly written content by scholars and experts that enhance...

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Questing at the Lake Champlain Bridge

Crown Point, NY and Chimney Point, VT make up the very “heart” of the CVNHP. The new Lake Champlain Bridge—constructed with sidewalks and bicycle lanes—offers an outstanding opportunity to link these sites and highlight their abundance of natural, cultural, historic...

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