Crown Point, NY and Chimney Point, VT make up the very “heart” of the CVNHP. The new Lake Champlain Bridge—constructed with sidewalks and bicycle lanes—offers an outstanding opportunity to link these sites and highlight their abundance of natural, cultural, historic and recreational resources.

The CVNHP worked with long-term partners at Chimney Point State Historic Site, Crown Point State Historic Site, the Lake Champlain Visitors Center, and the Crown Point State Campground to develop a program that would best guide visitors to each of these important locales. After several meetings deliberating on the best approach to meet this goal, the group decided to develop a Quest Map of the area. The team identified seven locations and developed clues for finding them. To complete the quest, and earn a special commemorative coin, participants must visit each of the sites, where they actively find answers (e.g. counting animal sculptures on the lighthouse memorial, counting bread ovens at the French fort ruins, reading the commemoration plaque on the bridge, etc.).

In addition to developing, designing and fabricating the Quest Map and commemorative coin, the project also included installing trail counters to measure activity at three curb-cuts and two key trail/sidewalk locations. The trail counters enable the various site managers to better understand the volume of visitors to the grounds beyond the traditional tracking of admission for each site. Click here for more details.